Help today for COVID-19
Free services below in 8 Wellness categories. We could all use a little help today!

Your health is important.  For you, and for everyone you love.  Let's get well and stay well.

Money matters.  Now more than ever.  Lost your job? Furloughed? Pay cut?

It's hard.  Social Distancing, Isolation, Stress, Balancing work and family

Where are my friends and family and what are they doing?  I would love to see them



How do I impact my environment?  How do I become a good steward for future generations

Mental exercises.  Let's keep these minds of ours going!

Work - it's how we define ourselves.  But the now definition has changed.

It's greater than just us.  How do we stay connected and achieve inner peace?

Our Approach

It's COVID-19 time and we could all use a little help.  Our goal is to provide access to free services so that we can all be a little more well. 


Thanks to all the companies that are helping us get there.

About Us

I'm Teresa Henderson, Principal at Wellman Partners and I am passionate about letting everyone know what support is available to them in this time of crisis.

All the Wellness categories are there to support you.  Just browse through them to find the help you need today.

Getting Help

Nature's Delight
Heaven's sky is blurry.
The ground a pillow of clouds
The chimneys breathe their air of joy
While below the billowing white
The grass is smothering

Irene L. Age 13

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